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Imagine the following situation…

 you wake up in the morning, make coffee and, still a little drowsy, you turn on your computer and then your transaction platform. The European session is on, you take a preliminary look at your favorite instruments. Pairs are moving about rather lively, more dynamically than usual. You get a hunch that a strong signal on one of the observed instrument might be generated in just a moment. Your intuition doesn’t fail you, as just ten seconds later your system generates a powerful purchase signal on the EUR/USD pair. Your indices are blindingly green, and the upward arrows on the chart are just about to jump out of the monitor to your desk.
sitting at a computer desk

What is your reaction?

Naturally, you put a buy order on the EUR/USD pair. Such strong signals are a rarity, usually appearing just a few times a month. Due to the high probability of success your system is showing for the transaction, you triple the lot size…With confidence and smile, you finish the morning coffee and already split the future profit between shopping and a ski trip during the holiday brake. Unfortunately and quite unexpectedly, the price turns back down on the chart. Initially it just looks like small movement back, but just ten minutes later, the market speeds up and lands on your Stop Loss with a bang…

What happened??

You ask yourself. There’s total mess in your head, negative emotions tormenting your entire body. What was so wonderful and real turned into a nightmare in an instant…
Traders all over the world face similar situations every day, and the explanation for it can be found in the concept of currency strength. Why did this “perfect” signal turn out to be wrong? It’s quite simple. Most transaction systems don’t take currency strength into account at all. Your system has only been analyzing the historical chart of the EUR/USD pair. The purchase signal must have been generated by the weakness of USD, but at the same time, the currency being bought was not EUR but, for instance, GBP. It was because of the weakness of USD that the chart of EUR/USD went upwards, but your trade should have been put on a completely different pair…

Forex Heat Map

is a brand new, completely revolutionary tool for currency speculation. Our software analyses all 28 currency pairs in real time and presents the strengths and weaknesses of individual currencies in a simple, graphical form.

Forex Heat Map is a tool that will completely change your perception of the market. You’ll understand how and why specific currency pairs move. You will have no problems recognizing the strong and weak currency, so that you can open only those transactions with high probability of success.

Thanks to Forex Heat Map

and learn its mechanics.

You'll understand the market

and learn its mechanics.
will tell you how to recognize consolidation.

Forex Heat Map

will tell you how to recognize consolidation.
which currency pair to place the next order on.

You won't have to guess

which currency pair to place the next order on.
where to expect the market's next move.

You'll know

where to expect the market’s next move.
of the entire market on a single chart.

You'll get a preview

of the entire market on a single chart.
what to pay attention to during market analysis.

You'll find out

what to pay attention to during market analysis.

How Does It Work

Strength and weakness on a single chart

After launching Forex Heat Map on a chart, you can very quickly assess which currencies are most purchased and which ones sold. The indicator is updated in real time, so you can always be sure the chart shows the latest data for all currencies.

Open the chart and join the further movement

As the above map shows, the market is interested in selling AUD and purchasing JPY at the same time. Therefore, our trade should take place on the AUD/JPY pair.

We do not touch these currencies!

Forex Heat Map will tell you which currencies to avoid. As we can see on the above image, EUR and USD are neutral, so it’s good to skip trading on these instruments at this time.

Forex Heat Map as a confirmation tool.

You don’t know whether the signal generated by your system is certain? Check if this currency is actually being bought/sold by banks and large traders.


Start making money on Forex today!

Forex Heat Map will change your trading in the blink of an eye. Statistics prove that over 92% traders have noted an enormous increase in effectiveness when using currency strength and weakness concept.

Our indicator is a completely new tool which will let you analyze the whole market on a single chart!

Easy to Use
Customer Satisfaction

Customize Forex Heat Map to your needs!

  • Any time interval can be selected for analysis, from scalp and day trading to long-term trading and trading on the highest time intervals based on fundamental analysis
  • Forex Heat Map can serve as Stand Alone System or be an excellent supplement to your existing style of trading
  • Multitude of settings which will allow for putting the indicator anywhere on the chart, customize the background, colors or font, so that they perfectly match your existing chart
  • You can easily put the Forex Heat Map on the chart. It does not interfere with any of your favorite indicators



Pick a place where you feel comfortable

Fully Customizable

Pick a place where you feel comfortable
Colors, Fonts and Background

Customize the Look

Colors, Fonts and Background
Scalp, DT, Swing or Fundamental Trading

Usable for Any Type of Trading

Scalp, DT, Swing or Fundamental Trading


  • Just my 2 cents

    Many of you have their own way of chart analysis. Your own custom indicators, selected harmonic patterns or the most effective technical analysis elements are the most popular trade methods. It's not my intention to judge these methods. Whether someone can make money that way is their own business. In my case, I could never achieve effectiveness above 50-55%, similar to a proverbial coin toss. Perhaps I should spent the next few years on this path, looking for better technical patterns on the chart, pay a programmer even more money for a better indicators... but is it the right way to go?

    My view of the market changed completely after exploring the concept of currency strength. Up until now, I was convinced that each currency pair is a separate entity which lives it's own life and turns where our indicator points. That is not the case, however, as something else influences the chart of every pair. Every currency pair is a mutual relation of two currency indices. Are you trading on Cable (gbpusd)? It's good to know if the market is buying the pound or the US dollar at the moment, or something else entirely, the big fish buy the Euro and that's what you should take interest in. Closing our eyes to this informations makes us completely blind to what's happening on the market, and it's our money and future that are at stake.

    Currency strength analysis is essentially very simple, but not many traders use it. If you're still not able to achieve regular profits, it's good to spare some time and get into the concept of currency strength. Of course, you can keep going along the road you've been going so far, but will it take you to the right place? The way I see it, that few bucks for such a simple and effective tool is a trivial price, and it might get you closer to success even by a few years. Dear trader, the decision is up to you.

    Thomas King
    Part time Trader, London
  • Impressive trading tool

    I was highly skeptical seeing yet another product for speculation. I've been through quite a few, with obvious effect. What convinced me to make the purchase was the fact I didn't have to give up my methods to something completely new. Forex heat map is first and foremost a tool which perfectly complements our style of trading. It doesn't matter if you trade based on AT, AF or something else completely. The concept of currency strength is universal and I think it will work till forex ceases to exist. I sincerely recommend it.

    Luis Gill
    Copywriter, Spain
  • Strongly recommended!

    What can I say, numbers and charts were all but black magic to me at the beginning and my life at FX was not easy. All these methods, trainings, indicators, I was lost in all that. A much more experienced friend took pity on me and showed me his trade system. The method, although simple and not time-consuming, reaches only about 60% effectiveness. FHM made it jump up to 85%. Nothing else needs to be said.

    Jane Smith
    Housewife, Chicago
  • So far, I've tested

    over 100 different Forex trade techniques. Unfortunately, none of them turned out to be effective in a long term. Sure, there were better periods, when the market trend was strong, I made much more pips, but when consolidation came around, I have everything back and then some. Heat map helped me understand why this happens. Today, I don't even start trading without this tool at hand. Thanks.

    Alan Bikrman
    Retired, US, IL


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